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Recently Greenlit on Steam! Impulse: Space Combat is a first person, realistic, action / survival game. In Impulse, physics play a major role in determining which team will be left standing. All movement and shooting, whether by the player or Impulse's ruthless AI pilots, is controlled using physics. When your ship is hit with a projectile you will feel the impact! In survival mode, harvest the asteroid field's metal resource to build your own fleet of fighters and turrets to defend against the next wave!

This game has been recently Greenlit on Steam and will be released on Steam in the coming weeks, all future updates will be available for the Steam version only. However, this version of the game will remain on itch.io for free! This also means that development will pick up again.

Steam Greenlight

What's New?

v0.7.1 Update released

  • Major changes
    • Added gunship
    • Added minelayer
    • Added dumbfire rockets
    • Added mines
    • Added new building options
  • Minor changes
    • Bugfixing
    • Balancing tweaks
    • Implemented new classes into survival (skirmish implementation will come soon)

All controls are listed in the manual menu, or can be learned by playing the tutorial

Current Features:

  • Survival mode (new), fight off against increasingly difficult waves of enemies
  • Player building, build fighters, turrets and support crates to help defend yourself in survival mode
  • Fighter-class ships (armed with impulse cannons)
  • Gunship class ships (armed with a cannon and rocket pods)
  • Minelayer class ships (armed with dual turrets and the ability to deploy mines)
  • Turrets (regular, double-barreled and flak)
  • Customizable randomly generated asteroid field (skirmish only)
  • Physics based combat and movement
  • Customizable skirmish gamemode, two teams fighting to control an asteroid field
  • High level of ship control (fire-modes, toggleable headlight, even the ability to disable inertial dampening)
  • Asteroid mining (survival only, using lasers)
  • Full six-degrees of freedom
  • Realistic sound system for space

Planned Features (changes as updates are released):

  • More ship classes (larger multi-crew sort of ships)
  • More weapons
  • Asteroid destruction (asteroids will fracture and burst apart if taking too much damage)
  • Ship destruction (when ships are hit with explosive weaponry, they will explode into pieces)
  • Multiplayer for skirmish mode (keep in mind this feature is very complicated and will take quite some time to implement)

Planned Features Roadmap (everything is subject to change):

  • v0.5 (First public version)
  • v0.6 (Released 7/5/16)
    • First version of survival mode
  • v0.6.5 (Released 7/10/16)
    • Particle effects
    • In-game tutorial
  • v0.7.1 (Released 7/24/16)
    • Gunship and Minelayer classes added
  • v0.7.2 +
    • More ship classes and weapons
    • Implement new ships into skirmish mode
  • v0.8
    • Asteroid destruction
    • Ship destruction
  • v0.9
    • Overall improvements / preparations for multiplayer
  • v1.0
    • Multiplayer

Recommended Computer Specs:

Currently unknown (I am working on that), but should run great on the average computer. While the graphics are minimalist, significantly increasing the number of asteroids in a small field can definitely cause lag.

More information

Published302 days ago
StatusIn development
Release date303 days ago
TagsFirst-Person, low-poly, Physics, Singleplayer, Space, Space Sim, Survival, Team-Based
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Game doesn't run on my computer. Posted error log to pastebin: http://pastebin.com/YzuNmv2D

Hope it helps

It seems the executable was not found and could not run. Perhaps try reinstalling it into a different directory or just the desktop. Thanks for your interest in my game!

Very cool game. It would be cool if you could build mining drones.

That was actually something I was planning on including as an update, however I have had no time because of school. Thanks for your support!

You have a great game on your hands. It satisfies my need to kill the red team.

I'm so glad you liked it! Also I'm sorry for the weird UI / menu scaling problems (I'll work on fixing that right away).

Fixed it!