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Is this game cancelled ? There's no update since 2018 october. Please don't, I want a simple first person space shooter like this.

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I can no longer buy this on Steam, you have posted that you want to retire it so there is no check out option. I have purchased it here but I would like a Steam key if possible please to add it to my library. If I pay more is it possible to get one please?

it turns out you haven't set an Australian price on Steam and every game like that is now purchase disabled here.

Looks decent


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Will the people that got the game before the greenlight release get a steam key.

Unfortunate no, there is no real way I could facilitate that. The steam version is much more advanced than this demo anyways!

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,you add a steam key to the page of owners here like many devs do or have done before.

I'm sure you were just unaware of that.

Keep in mind, all new updates are for the steam version only. Please head to steam and support my game there. I have recently added advanced graphics and a sandbox mode!

Just a reminder to follow me on Twitter for up to date news, development on this game will now resume at a normal pace.

Game doesn't run on my computer. Posted error log to pastebin:

Hope it helps

It seems the executable was not found and could not run. Perhaps try reinstalling it into a different directory or just the desktop. Thanks for your interest in my game!

Very cool game. It would be cool if you could build mining drones.

That was actually something I was planning on including as an update, however I have had no time because of school. Thanks for your support!

You have a great game on your hands. It satisfies my need to kill the red team.

I'm so glad you liked it! Also I'm sorry for the weird UI / menu scaling problems (I'll work on fixing that right away).

Fixed it!